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naruto 661

naruto 661

I am not so convinced Naruto got the Kyuubi pulled out, I didn’t see the beast manifest in flesh and Naruto didn’t even got the other half of it yet so I don’t buy it. Besides, Killer Bee cheated death again with the same trick he used against Sasuke so it’s no surprise if Naruto got a tud and turns out to be fine. I hope Minato left some safeguard against extraction because if he didn’t that makes him the worst douchebag father ever, come on man, your son is dying there and you keep staring at half-dead Obito like the world can go itself.

Sasuke is gonna need that fruit man, only a god can beat Madara and we are lacking it now. Hachibi cut off his own tail with his hand. Look at the movement in the panel. You see his hand having sliced off the tentacle. Hachibi probably saved Bee that way by letting him retain a big chunk of Hachibi’s chakra, a psuedo-Jinchuuriki of sorts. Kinda cheap but if Bee dies now it would be a pointless focus of action and surprising.

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